The explored-unexplored area: DAGAR

Travel is one thing which makes a human happy because at the end everyone needs to and have to come back to square one. Why not explore those areas and know about those unexplored ones where we can relax and chill for a while, keeping ourselves away from the monotonous life. Travelling is different for each and everyone since they have their own level of expectations and perceptions about this word “TRAVEL”.

So when we are talking about the unexplored-explored areas, lets talk about GAGAR.

A small hill station which is located in Tehsil of Nainital district in Uttarakhand, India. It is a beautiful and peaceful hill station which is worth going for a weekend trip since you can take out time for your own self and for your peace of mind.

It has few amazing spots to visit which is near to this place and leads to some great sight seeing. You can walk around and explore this place in your own way since it has few crazy treks too.

Adding to this, it has a cold climate throughout the year and hence is a perfect getaway in the months of scorching heat. The place has a peaceful ambiance like no other.

This place is marked by small guest houses and inns that provide the perfect accommodation so as soon as you enter this place, the refreshing cool breeze will embrace you with love.

As far as the resorts are concerned, this hill station has few resorts worth staying and enjoying your stay.

So what are you waiting for? travel and travel as much as possible because that is one thing which help you to grow as well and stay happy for the longest time possible since you will notice wherever you go or you plan to go, you ought to learn something and in a way you get time to relax.

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