IRCTC is the full form of Indian Railway catering and Touring Corporation. It is a website for all your train ticket. Anything related to your train can be done through this site. It gives you a
whole package of things related to train. Whether it be booking a seat in train, or knowing the status of your ticket, even it helps you to know about the live status of your train. It is a very useful site and has been designed by the Indian Railways. It eases the work of every person and just helps people in a whole lot of ways.
Booking ticket on IRCTC is very easy. And if you find any difficulty doing that just follow these steps giving below and you can book your tickets in just few clicks. So check the steps below:

  1. Open the website which is the official website of Indian Railways.
  2. Now, before booking ticket you obviously first need to check for the trains and the seats
    available on the day you want to go.
  3. So as you open the page you will find a box written as “Book you Ticket” fill in all the
    necessary details in that and first check for the train you want to go in.
  4. After you check the ticket you obviously need to book the tickets in the required slot.
  5. The page will open with all the details about all the train from your destination station
    from your actual station. Then check the availability of train and fare of the seat on the
  6. There will be a “book now” option present click on that to book the ticket.
  7. If you are a new user then sign up with your details or else if you already have an account
    then login into your account.
  8. Add all your details in the required field and the ticket will be booked after that do the
  9. You will get a confirmation of the ticket on the phone number you gave and also on the
    email address you provided.
  10. That’s it your ticket is booked.
    To check for your train status when you actually are about to board the train and you need to
    know whether your seat is confirmed or not or where your train is.
  11. Again go to the homepage and enter you PNR Number in the blank. This will tell your
    seat confirmation.
  12. If you want to know your train status then on the top you will get an option as Trains
    click on that and then on Track your train. Enter your train number and chose the date on
    which you are boarding. And done you will be able to track your train.
    Well these are the most easy ways to book your ticket and also to track your train. So make use
    of the IRCTC website and enjoy its features.
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