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Travelling is a thing which more or less every one has to do. Either it be a travel because of some business or a trip with friends. Some people travel often because of their business demands and some just travel because they like to do so. But nowadays it has become a part of everyone’s life more or less.

People who travel often suffers a lot of ticket booking problems. Getting tickets on short notices is really difficult. Sometimes you get the tickets at cheaper rates than the expected but sometimes it costs you the opposite. You have to pay extra amount just because there is a festival going on. Because the fares are comparatively higher than the fares on a normal day of travel.

Booking tickets on a short notice can also cost you a lot of money. The last moment bookings expensive. Hence in all these cases it’s really important to compare the prices of tickets. People mostly prefer cheaper tickets whether it be flight, bus or trains.

There are various travel sites which displays different prices. Some show a higher increase in fare charges during festivals and some occasions, whereas there are some other sites which for the same place will show relatively less amount for the same tickets.

So it’s upto you how effective you are in searching a better price for yourself.

Now let’s compare some sites and see which travel websites provide the best prices.

For comparing these prices we will walk though some examples so that we will have a clear idea about what we are discussing through this article.

We will take an example of a trip from Chennai to Bangalore. Let’s have a tour of the prices over different sites.

We are comparing the bus fares from Chennai to Bangalore on different websites.

Chennai to Bangalore
Bus fare(multi axle semi sleeper (2+2)
websites Fare (in Rs)
Red bus 680
Make my trip 680
Ease my trip 450
Paytm 630
yatra 450

In the above table you can see the variations of price for the same seat. Different websites are giving different rates. People can choose according to their preferences. Some people prefer to travel all the time with the same travel agencies and they always book their tickets from same websites. So in case you want to reduce your travelling expense you can compare the prices once before booking the tickets.

If we breakdown the table it’s clearly visible that Yatra and Easemytrip are giving the best prices. Whereas on the other hand the tickets in Red bus and Make my trip are comparably higher than the others. Paytm is relatively less than Red bus and Make my trip. Hence here we can see a clear choice. It’s mandatory to compare the prices in case you don’t then may be you are paying a lot more amount than others for the same seat which is not the worth.

Next example we are going to look through is flight fares. Let’s check how expensive your travel tickets can be if you are travelling from Chennai to New Delhi.

Chennai to New Delhi
Flight fare price(1 person / economy)
Websites Fares (in Rs.)
Ease my trip ( Indigo) 8,162
Make my trip (Indigo) 8,162
Yatra (Indigo) 8,162
Paytm (Indigo) 8,162

Here you can see there is no much difference in the fares. So you choose any website the prices are going to be same.

So in case of flight ticket booking we can’t get much of a difference though bus fares make a lot of difference moving from one website to the other.

Travelling is expensive, it’s up to you how you cut off your expenses, the best you can do is try to reduce travel charges. So before booking any ticket have a look at the prices on tickets and compare so that you don’t pay extra money for the same seat.

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