Araku Valley AnIdeal Place ForNature lovers

Araku Valley AnIdeal Place ForNature lovers

If you’re a person who loves beholding the mesmerizing green valleys, magnificent waterfalls and exploring places then Araku Valley is an ideal place for you. It is the most visited place in Visakhapatnam and is also known as ‘Ooty of Andhra’.

Araku Valley is located in the Eastern Ghats about 114 kilometres from Visakhapatnam. The Anantagiri and Sunkarimetta reserved forests are a part of Araku Valley. This place is famous for its coffee plantations. Andhra Pradesh Forest Department developed coffee plantations in Araku Valley after our independence. The tribal people here and their culture is another attraction. Araku is connected through both rail and road to Visakhapatnam. Most of the people visit Araku during the winter.

8 attractive places in Araku Valley you must visit

  1. Borra Caves

Borra Caves are also called as Borra Guhalu. These caves are located in the Ananthagiri hills range of the Araku Valley. A walk around the Borra Caves provides wonderful views of the mountainous area. These caves are one of the largest and the deepest caves in India. We can see a variety of speleothems ranging in size and irregularly shaped stalactites and stalagmites.

The Gosthani River, which originates from these caves, is responsible for the formation of stalactites and stalagmites. Water that percolates from the roof of the caves dissolves limestone and trickles drop by drop to form stalactites at the roof and drips down to form stalagmites. Interesting forms and structures inside the caves such as Shiva-Parvati, human brain, temple, crocodile etc developed due to the deposits attract the tourists a lot.

  1. Tribal Museum

This is an interesting place in Araku as it exhibits the rich culture of the tribal people living there. Isn’t it interesting to explore different cultures? This museum was built to preserve the important traits of original culture, tradition, handicrafts and fine arts of the ancient tribes. There is a Tribal Arts and Craft Centre here that promotes the tribal art. You can support the tribal people by buying something from them.

  1. Katiki Waterfalls

If you like spending time watching the waterfalls then Araku is the best place. Katiki Waterfalls is around 4 km away from Borra Caves. The name of the waterfalls is derived from the name of the village nearby. The waterfalls originate from the Gosthani River. One can enjoy bathing here. This place is great for camping and trekking. The rich flora and fauna of this place will make you click numerous photographs!

  1. Chaparai Water Cascade

This place is an amazing picnic spot and is also known as the Dumbriguda Falls. You can enjoy watching the beautiful streams flowing through wide rock formations. It is about 5 kilometres away from the valley. This place is a bit slippery so one should be careful while bathing.

  1. Padmapuram Botanical Gardens

Located in the serene valley, this place is great for nature lovers and those who like gardening. You can find many different varieties of flowers and some rare plants. Initially, the purpose of this garden was to provide vegetable supplies to the soldiers who fought in the Second World War but now it has become a tourist attraction. The toy train, tree top huts, rose garden and the statues of tribal deities make the garden more amazing!

  1. Coffee Museum

If you’re a coffee lover then visit to this museum is a must. The Coffee Museum at Araku is claimed to be India’s first thematic coffee museum. You can just sit and relax drinking the freshly brewed Araku coffee. The amazing part is, they also sell delicious coffee-based confectionaries.

  1. Galikonda View Point

This is the highest point of Visakhapatnam and one can enjoy magnificent views of the lush green valleys from here. This is also the second-highest peak in the Eastern Ghats.

  1. Tyda Park

Tyda Park is about 75 kilometres away from Visakhapatnam. This park is well-equipped with services for camping and trekking and is home to many species of animals. One can enjoy activities like rock climbing and archery. Guides and naturalists are available here.

If you’re a foodie then don’t forget to taste the special Araku Valley’s bamboo chicken, popularly known as ‘Bongulo Chicken’.


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