Why I Found India as the Best Place for Wildlife Expedition

My friend, Ramneet is coming to India next month. She was going to stay with me for a week. I and Ramneet are friends from our school days and share lots of mutual interests and likes in our daily life.Though she has been more adventurous and brave than me, I have still been her partner in crime in innocent mischievousness.

Apart from hogging on all the sweets she also took over the first move.Be it dancing, driving a car or even bungee jumping she always pulled me to join her adventurous streaks.

This time it was wildlife safari she wanted me to take along.

“But why do you want to go for wildlife safari”? , I asked her

In her usual tone, she squeaked during facetime ”I like adventure and I am going to find some’.

I tried to reach for imagination when she said that she remembered her last visit to the wildlife safari in Jim Corbett Park last year with her family and how she spend beautiful mornings and evenings in the jungle in a most relaxed and comfortable way.she mentioned the hospitality and services offered my the staff of the resort and she even tried to describe her deadlock moment with the tiger.

But why do you want to come to India for experiencing thrill and adventure, where you can have so much fun in your own land(oh!did i forget to mention she was coming from Australia), I asked her to deflect  her mind

But she was well prepared.She had answers for all of my questions.She told me to pen down the reason for her revisit to wildlife safaris in India and never asked them again. She pointed out her reasons which were

The visit to India and wildlife safari have been economical and value for money experience. She had enjoyed her brief stay in world-class amenities tasty food at very reasonable prices. She said she bought some local artefacts as souvenirs for her friends back in Australa from the money she saved on her trip.

The wildlife safari in India is most natural and close to Indian culture, as the forest is developed in a most natural way to provide natural habitat to the wildlife.The staff and the locals residing inside the parks and reserve are so close to the culture that they still exhibit the same in their behaviour, language food and dance.Hence as she says she got to know a part of India in her brief stay.

She also mentioned me the moderate tropical weather that makes the stay more pleasant in India was one of the most convincing reasons to me. I also enjoy Indian summers and winters without being pathetic about it.

She mentioned that since this trip is only going to be a girls trip,she feels safe in India because of the experienced and hostile locals who promises a safe trip along with high chances of witnessing Tigers . I agreed at this point too.As the place was known to me I also felt secure and safe for a wildlife safari. Wildlife and Tiger safari in India are considered as the best in whole world!!

The last point she mentioned was that this time as she will be in Jaipur for a month, we can have options to visit any reserve located nearby.To my surprise, I came to know that in India, there are more than 37 wildlife parks with serene landscape and a wide range of animals and birds reserving them in the most natural way almost in Rajasthan itself to total 450 wildlife sanctuaries in India. We choose Ranthambore Reserve from the big list which was only 3.33 hrs journey from Jaipur.

After our facetime, I took some time to acknowledge how oblivion I have been towards the real treassure we have.The wildlife in India has its significance in every aspect of our life, from being chariots to god and Goddess to (lion, bull,tiger, owl,snake, peacock and so on) to the strength and value they idolized in our emblem(tiger, horse, bull). I really felt pity for those people who have been trading their flesh for mere money and fun.

The Government of India has done commendable work in reserving this treasured fauna of our country.

I am excited about my first wildlife safari.

Please remind me to thank my friend and also comment below on what should I pack before I leave for my adventure and thrilling trip.

“The joy of discovery is the single most important thing in life, never forget it

Ramneet has not so would I”

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